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subject 2016 Malaysia Cosmobeaute
writer klglobal04
date 2018-05-25
2016 12th Malaysia International Exhibition & Conference on Cosmetics, Beauty & Spa
Date: 2016.07.18~21
Place: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

- Malaysia took the 38th place among the world cosmetic markets in 2014 and cosmetic markets in Malaysia shows an average annual growth rate of 7.1%.

- High level of preference to organic and natural ingredients cosmetics, according to the growth of the entry of women in public affairs and an income level.

- Cosmeceutical products, developed by dermatologists and sold in Malaysia drugstore, emphasize itself as a safe product to put much focus on skin healing effects.

- Products for diet and slimming, which can be easily used at home, are famous among young consumers, as the interest in healthy beauty has gotten higher with Well-Being.



• Mask(Hydrogel, Rebalance, Dr.DNA(Restore/Whitening), Charcoal, Pitera)

• KMC for skin

• Noblesse B.B

• Mink Moisture Dew Cream

• NC5 Moisture Sun Screen Cream


• Crystal Injector, Needle(1Box)

• Mesopeel




Because of K-Pop wave, people in Malaysia treated Korean and our company with favor.

They were much interested in skin-care so that they asked functional products for whitening and anti-aging a lot.

In Malaysia, as normal aesthetic shops and spas can use lifting threads, there were many inquiries about PDO and PLLA threads

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