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Company History

2015~Now Launched Skinculture Academy
2015~Now Exclusive distributor of Hycoox
2015~Now Distribution contract of Doublo-M
2015~Now Exclusive distributor of Accu Tonning
2015~Now Launched Everline PLLA
2015~Now Moved headquarters to Sungsoo
2015~Now Launched Everfill Hydro Plus / P&Cell
2015~Now Launched Everuthione / Yilum
2015~Now Launched Reback premium Mask
2015~Now Exclusive distributor of Lipo-V
2015~Now Distributed Galderma cosmetics
2015~Now Launched WillCam
2015~Now Exclusive distributor of BOTEM
2015~Now Distribution contract of Janus
2012~2014 Launched Everline PDO
2012~2014 Online shop opened
2012~2014 Tappy TokTok 총판계약
2012~2014 Distribution contract with Galderma for Auriderm XO
2012~2014 Distributed PRO PRP/ Crystal Injector
2012~2014 Launched KMC Ampules cosmetic
2012~2014 Launched Everfill
2012~2014 Launched Rebalance Facial Mask / E.G.F Restore Facial Mask
2012~2014 Established China branch
2012~2014 Exported SKINCULTURE aesthetic line to Laos
2009~2011 Distribution contract of PPC
2009~2011 Distributed PDO
2009~2011 Imported and distributed MESOESTHETIC ampoules
2009~2011 Imported and distributed DERMAMELAN
2009~2011 Imported and distributed ROSS CONTINUITE hair care
2009~2011 Exclusive distributor of OLIGODERME for clinic
2009~2011 Distributed XEOMIN toxin
2009~2011 Distributed SINECCH capsule
2009~2011 Imported and distributed AURIGA
2005~2008 Established K.L Global
2005~2008 Imported chemical peeling &natural peeling
2005~2008 Launched MEDICAL SKIN-CARE
2005~2008 Launched SKINCULTURE
2005~2008 Manufactured and distributed consumable product for clinic
2005~2008 Imported PERCHE scalp care
2005~2008 Distribution contract of TEOSYAL filler

K.L Global has led the domestic and overseas cosmetics market with mission to deliver healthy
and beauty since it was founded in 2005 based on its mission to deliver healthy beauty.