K.L Global imports/exports and manufactures/sells cosmetics and medical devices.

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K.L Global has its own brand, multiple lines of business shopping mall and website.
There is also a business mall for business owners.


Linplex is a specialized division for import and export of K.L Global.
Linplex is the exclusive division of K.L Global which is in charge of import and export in overseas beauty market.



Everine is a brand name for facial lifting thread of K.L Global.
Everline incluses Carving Cog, which is made with patented technology and PLLA thread which is exported to European countries through various overseas exhibition.



SkinCulture is a global cosmetic brad of K.L Global and it is a derma beauty brand that provides customized solution based on a specialty.
There are three product lines which are Homecare line, Special line and Professional line.



Medi-K mall is total beauty shopping mall with various professional beauty brands such as Auriga, Dermaceutic and Excipial.
You can find all the product here not only general products but also aesthetic medical devices. Business malls are available for business owners.



AllAboutCos is one of hypoallergenic and naturalism cosmetics brand of K.L Global.
This is a skin care product that fits for sensitive skin.


ESMEDI global

Keeping pace with the rapidly-changing global medical industry market, we concentrate on researching and developing to discover a total-solution which has 3 strong points, ‘Simpler, more effective and more attractive’.



DN64 is a doctor for my skin, it provides special care at home conveniently.
DN64 is a representative product of Skincultre that has four relevant patents and is exported to all over the world.


K.L Costech

K.L Costech is a specialized cosmetics production facility that manufactures K.L global brand products and OEM, ODM products.
We are dealing with various products like medical devices, cosmetics and facial lifting thread etc. We can provide customized services based on the know-how accumulated experiences in many years over the world.


What we do

We manufacture, sell and distribute aesthetic medical devices, cosmetics and facial lifting thread.

OEM/ODM We can customize the products to meet the demands through close communications with customers.

PRODUCT You can find all the products including cosmetics, aesthetic medical devices and facial lifting thread which are exported to all over the world.

INQUIRY If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online. We will contact you within 12 hours.


It is a partner company with K.L Global that leads the beauty market.
(For affiliate-related inquiries, please send emails or Q&A via website. We will contact you promptly.)





Online inquiry
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    - Email : export@kl-global.co.kr
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